About Us


Singapore Speakers Bureau was established in 2007 and quickly became the pioneering agency for the speaking industry in Asia. 


Classic Live-Stage Speakers - our roots go (way) back to the days when it was only possible to see your favourite experts and influencers live in person! If you were a fan, you had to buy books and attend live events to consume more of your favourite content. Imagine, YouTube was only a new-born in those days. Fast forward 12 years later, we continue to represent the world's best-selling authors, CEOs, artists, athletes, modern thinkers and motivators for live-stage conferences and events across Asia Pacific. Nothing replaces the thrill of true face to face engagement that you get from live interactions with your favourite influencers. 


Digital Talent Management - ENTER the rise of the digital economy. YouTube and social media is growing at scale but still seems to confuse many people. We help content creators earn a living doing what they love. We create, produce and manage content and business opportunities for emerging and established Digital Talent personalities and brands. 


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